Donation Annoucement from Holmfirth Artweek

As promised a little while ago we wanted you as a fringe venue and
valued supporter of Holmfirth Artweek to be amongst the first to know
the amount raised for Artweek 2023!

We are thrilled to announced that in total we raised £36,000 which we
will donate in equal parts to The Kirkwood and Macmillan Cancer Support.
  We know that many of you take part in the event to help us support
these much loved causes and we know that £18,000 each will go a long way
for them.  Every year we hear about the amazing things that those two
charities do, and we know that for a lot of people they are very close
to their hearts.

As a volunteer committee we are all to aware that without the help of
artists and venues we couldn’t make the event happen.  And we hope you
agree that seeing those figures makes all the hard work worth it!  So we
wanted to say another heartfelt thank you!

Over the coming days and weeks you might see that we are posting on
social media and we will do our hardest to get some PR for this event
with local and national media…however in previous years some fringe
venues have asked for a poster to show what we raised, so we have mocked
up one that you can print at home or post on your own website and social
media…We are very supportive of you using your own networks to drum up
support too!!!!

Please can i ask that you wait until after 4pm today (Monday 2nd of
October) though as we are telling you ahead of everyone else!

Thank you again for your hard work and support and thanks for making
this event and donation a reality!  Now we can start to think about next

David Robison

Article by Jim Robison's son.

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