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2021 CERAMICS GLAZE COURSE with Jim Robison Ceramics (with thanks to Kate)

COVID has brought many challenges, but one of the positives for me has been the many webinars I have been able to attend. However earlier this year I decided I wanted to spend more time trying out glazes and understanding how glaze recipes can be modified. I found several excellent online courses but what I was longing for was real people and a real teacher talking through the process, getting our hands dirty together. I fellow potter recommended Jim Robisons Glaze Course and I was fortunate enough to receive a NPA bursary of £150 to support my venture on a residential course at Jim’s fabulous Booth House Gallery and Pottery.

Started in 1975, the gallery and studio are housed in a converted 19th century stone barn near Holmfirth. Surrounded by breath-taking countryside (selected to feature on the TV series “Last of the Summer Wine”), the area is famous for its rural flavour and scenic walks. Now in its 46th year, the gallery is known for its promotion of Ceramics. Jim creates one off pieces, alongside commissioned work and functional stoneware. His work is all around the garden and house and along with Jim’s extensive pottery collection bring added inspiration to the course.

Jim has a wealth of knowledge, good humour and patience and the week was divided up into hands on practical sessions as well as theory. Each participant was given time and encouragement with their individual aims and projects for the course. We managed to cover an enormous amount including Raku glazing and firing, glaze applications, mixing recipes of glazes and series of test tiles. Jim had also arranged for fellow potter Nigel Hoyle to come and demonstrate his technique of screen printing onto clay, adding another technique and fun afternoon.

In addition to the glaze techniques taught, Jim and his wife Liz were wonderful hosts, and whilst we busied ourselves with glazes Liz prepared delicious meals and made us all feel so welcome in their

To be honest the whole week was just what I needed! A week away from the family, good food, good company and chat with the other participants and clear, encouraging and generous teaching from Jim.

David Robison

Article by Jim Robison's son.

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