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Slab Techniques

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by Jim Robison and Ian Marsh

Although this is essentially a very simple subject, slabs can be used to make the most basic of forms to the most complex. This broad approach to slab work shows a wide variety of building methods and shows the work of many high-profile ceramic artists in this area. The book explores and explains most of these methods through step-by-step images and text, using a varied range of both pots and sculpture.

There are often several techniques that could be used to achieve the same result and this book shows that no one method is correct, but there will be one which is appropriate for the potter, the clay and the firing process. The reader is encouraged to experiment and develop their own ideas. The book covers all the basics, such as making your slabs and joining well, simple building methods, use of supports, creating textures, decorating with slips and ways to avoid disasters during firing.

It also looks at many innovative and original approaches, as well as building large-scale pieces and the problems associated with it. The book aims to encourage the reader to experiment and find the methods most suited to them, while fantastic images of finished work are offered to show what is possible.

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ISBN: 9781408110072
Publisher: A&C BLACK

Large Scale Ceramics

Large Scale Ceramics demand a number of considerations that don’t necessarily concern most ceramicists. Questions about the size of kiln needed, construction over an extended period of time, designing for a specific site, assembling, weatherproofing and installation are all things that must be thought about. In this book, Jim Robison discusses all of these points as well as giving pointers as to getting and handling commissions.

The Ceramics Handbook series was conceived as an introduction to various techniques relating to the use of clay. The books are aimed at the student or the practised potter who is experimenting in a new area.

This book is full of photographs depicting large scale works from many parts of the world and the processes of their construction. It is written in a lively and entertaining style suitable for anyone with an interest in ceramics and includes examples of Jim’s work too – over a 20 year period.

Reprinted in 2005 (Originally published in 1997 by G & B Arts International Ltd.) by agreement with A & C Black (Publishers), London
Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Craftsman House.

NO LONGER IN PRINT (Pre-owned and unsold copies are still available via online shops if you search for it) 
ISBN: 978 071 367 4620

Other work:

WORK is also included in the following books:

  • WALL PIECES by Dominique Bivar-Segurado, Pub 2009 A&C Black.
  • SLAB BUILT CERAMICS by Coll Minogue. Pub 2008 The Crowood Press Ltd.
  • CERAMICS IN THE ENVIRONMENT by Janet Mansfield Pub 2005 A&C Black.
  • RESIST AND MASKING TECHNIQUES by Peter Beard Pub 2004 A&C Black.
  • THE COMPLETE POTTER by Steve Mattison. Pub 2003 A Quarto Book published by Barron’s Educational Services Inc.
  • CERAMICS FOR GARDENS AND LANDSCAPES by Karin Hessenberg Pub 2000 by A&C Black.

Starting Out: Article published in the CPA Newsletter.

Ash Glazes: Book by Phil Rogers (A&C Black, Pub.) This book contains a chapter on Jim’s individual works and biographical information.

Extruded Ceramics: Book by Diana Pancioli (A&C Black, Pub. March 2000) This book contains photos of relief sculptures which make extensive use of extruded components.

The Art of Handbuilt Ceramics: Book by Sue Bruce (Crowood Press, Pub. October 2000) This book contains photos and details of both large and smaller works created by a variety of handbuilt methods.

Ceramics, Art and Perception: Issue No. 18. Article by Mary Sara about one of my larger public commissions in Wakefield. This is a relief sculpture for the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation.

Ceramics Technical: (Sister Publication to magazine above). Issue No. 6, 1998. Technical Details about the making of the above relief sculpture and similar works for the Holmfirth Civic Centre plus details about the comissioning process.

Ceramics and Print: Book by Paul Scott (A&C Black). Examples of work and printing techniques to create surface qualities and images.

Ceramic Sculpture: Book by Ian Gregory (A&C Black). Photographs and details of sculptural works.

Artists Newsletter: January 1997. Feature article, ceramic special section called “Scaled Up”, ambitious ceramic projects by several artists. Includes Jim’s own views on the subject of larger works.

Impressed and Incised Ceramics: Book by Col Minogue (A&C Black). Contains photographic examples of work.

Ceramic Review: No. 122 (March/April 1990). Photographic sequence of slab making process.

Ceramics Monthly: October 1999. Feature about the International Ceramics Festivals held at Aberystwyth, Wales, UK in 1999. This event involves Jim Robison as Master of Ceremonies.

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